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This page and website was updated on 22 June

We had a lovely concert at Chandos House on Wednesday. Thank you to the musicians and to those who came.

Now we are working on plans for 2015 but it will be a little while before these are publicised.

The Handel Singing Competition dates for 2015 will be available by the end of August.

The website will be updated over the summer with pictures and other details.

Catherine Hodgson
Festival Director

Ewa Gubanska



Rupert CharlesworthAnna Starushkevych

Laurence Cummings

Adrian Butterfield

Arianna in Creta
Il pastor fido
Riccardo Primo

Next Event More Events

Sorry, we have no events available at this time.



NEW VIDEO - you will find our new video about the HANDEL SINGING COMPETITION on Vimeo - click HERE

Handel Fundraiser - Thursday 27 November 2014 7pm
Chandos House, 2 Queen Anne Street, London, W1
details to come

Handel Messiah - Thursday 4 December 2014 7pm
St George's, Hanover Square
details to come

Outline Festival dates are: 10 March to 20 April 2015

Box officePlease be patient when using the Online booking system - when a lot of people are accessing it it will slow down. It also needs time to calculate your requests. When inputting your personal information into the customer fields please make sure you put the right information in the correct field. The system is very logical and will get confused if a telephone number is in the email field for example! Good luck and you can always ring us for help if you get stuck - 01460 54660.

I am afraid that our system doesn't like Ipads but we are working to see if there is anything that can be done about it.

HSC 2014
For updated information about the Competition please go to the HSC page. Results of the Final are on the HSC page.

You can download the FESTIVAL BROCHURE - click HERE. You can see is on ISSUU as well.

HANDEL SUPPORTERS Leaflet - To download click HERE

For details please go to the BOOKINGS page.

BOX OFFICE: 01460 54660 - Monday to Friday
10am-12.30pm & 2-4pm - if no-one is available please leave a message.

To book ONLINE please go to the top right-hand corner of this page and CLICK on BOOK ONLINE.

You can join our ENEWS list on this page - please go to the bottom right corner, or you can receive a paper mailing for £6 per year. Please contact the office if you would like to do this. The paper mailing with the Brochure) and the booking form will be sent out in early January. We also have ONLINE BOOKING which you can access from this page - top right-hand corner.

OFFICE hours are normally 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Tel: 01460 53500
London Handel Society
Horton House - 8 Ditton Street
Ilminster - Somerset - TA19 0BQ
Catherine Hodgson - Festival Director

ADVERTISING in the Festival programme - please contact Catherine Hodgson or Elaine Thomsitt of Motivated Media.

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The Festival is over for 2014 and it is time for planning 2015, which will come round remarkably quickly. We had many events during the Festival from small lunchtime recitals to opera, with about two hundred wonderful performers taking part, not including the Handel Singing Competition when a new young singer came to the fore, Ewa Gubanska, who will appear next season. I would like to thank them all for taking part. They put such a lot of work into each and every concert/performance that it is quite awe-inspiring to us non-musicians. Now they have all gone off to sing or play with other groups and in other Festivals and we hope that some will return to us next Spring. Before that time we have a concert in Chandos House in London on 18 June with four of our finest musicians - Anna Devin, Rachel Brown, Adrian Butterfield and Laurence Cummings. Tickets are on sale now. In the autumn we plan to have a fundraiser (date to be confirmed) and our annual performance...

London Handel Festival

Horton House
8 Ditton Street
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